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42% of Women Like Men To Wear The Colour Blue, But What Does Our Data Reveal?

According to Esquire 42% of women think men look most flattering in the colour blue…

Our data reveals that 52% of the products Enclothed customers purchased this year are in fact, blue

Well done chaps, you are already one step ahead of the trend thanks to your dedicated stylists.

Blue is a universally flattering colour when referring to casual jeans, formal shirts, or knits. 

Psychologically, blue is associated with intelligence. It has been proven to improve concentration, stimulate thinking, and provide mental clarity.

Our Styling team’s top picks:


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Another colour the Enclothed team want to review is black. A common perception amongst women is that black inspires confidence.

Results of a recent survey amongst women aged 28-50:

However, the same study confirmed that men ranked both blue and green ahead of black in terms of clothing.

Our data is consistent with this, revealing that only 17% of the products purchased this year by Enclothed customers were black

This gender divide could be down to women usually assuming black is the most flattering, and slimming colour to wear. 

We think black is the ideal colour for mens’ accessories, but not necessarily the default choice for clothing.

Do you agree? Let us know…


Black Accessory Inspiration: